Superfast Broadband is in Kirtling!

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The new fibre broadband cabinet(s) have gone live in Kirtling. If you are interested in upgrading to Superfast broadband you will need to contact your broadband service provider and ask to upgrade to a fibre broadband package. They will be able to advise you what speed is achievable however you can expect it to be a significant improvement to your current service!

Upend are currently not enabled for fibre broadband but Connecting Cambridgeshire is working with BT to come up with a solution.

2 thoughts on “Superfast Broadband is in Kirtling!

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    Jacqui, I have asked Mathew Shuter (District Councillor) for an update on Upend and he reported that Connecting Cambridgeshire are still struggling with Upend but hope to have a solution in the next few months.

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