Place Farm Part 7

When it was time for me to go back to London it was also harvest and I asked to be allowed to stay to help. A threshing machine duly arrived with a suitable tractor with a driving pulley and was set up in a field across the road. I probably saved a nasty accident there. I noticed that one of the wooden suspension bars for the riddles was about to break and they were very grateful for that.

They were not so grateful though when I had been asked to carry a flask of tea from the house over to the workers and the carrier bag must have had a wet bottom and the flask fell through and smashed! Not my fault. Honest!

Mr Bowyer at harvesting time

Mr Bowyer at harvesting time

I cannot remember the names of many of the staff who worked at the farm but there was a charming young housemaid called Cissie Ransome from Cowlinge. I had a soft spot for her. I think Ransome is a local surname so her relatives may still be around.

I had to attend the local school there and the head master was Mr.Lamb. I was not happy there because of bullying by the other boys. I don’t think they liked Londoners intruding but I was not there long, only until the harvest break. At haymaking time I used to drive a white horse round and round and round to operate the elevator. I walked behind it. Sometimes not very pleasant!

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