Karen Levell Part 11

Village stories

In 1260 three men were carrying a cask of wine across the bridge of Kirtling Castle when the bridge broke.

There was once a windmill in the village. This was blown down in 1810 with the miller inside but he received no injuries. The wind was so strong that night that it blew out the chancel window of the parish church. Parts of the mill remained until the early 20th century.

Times were hard for agricultural workers in 1822. The Kirtling men rioted in an attempt to get higher wages.

A presentation was made to a Mr J Clover of Tower Farm in 1857 for his work on Durham short-horned cattle. It was said when he first came to Kirtling he was constantly besieged by men in want of employment. He helped some to emigrate and in any way he could. He was not without enemies. His farm had two fires in 1849 and only the labourers who were in Mr Clover’s employment would assist in putting out the fires. “What fools these men are” wrote a reporter; the farmer would be forced to make cuts, more men would be out of work and others would be compelled to accept lower wages.

The biplane that landed in the village in 1912

The biplane that landed in the village in 1912

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