To be held at
Kirtling Village Hall

SATURDAY 31st August 2024

This year’s show criteria, helpful tips and schedule



All exhibits to be the property and unaided work of the exhibitor

No exhibitor will be allowed to make more than one entry per class

No entry previously shown in the Kirtling & Upend Show will be accepted.

The Committee will appoint Judges whose decision is final.

The Committee has the right to enquire into the source of any exhibit.

The committee cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any property of any exhibitor at or in transit to and from the show.

Any objection must be given in writing to the secretary before 14th August 2023 accompanied by a deposit of £1, refunded if the complaint is upheld

Each entry will be given a number which must be visible.  The competitor’s name will be on the reverse which must not be displayed until after judging.

Entries for sale should display a coloured marker which will be supplied.

All classes are open unless otherwise stated.

Class 30, all parts, will not be in the competition for trophies.

Each class will be judged 1st, 2nd, 3rd plus highly commended if the Judge sees fit.

Members of the Committee are:

  • Steve Robinson (Honorary Chairman)
  • Shelia Bailey
  • Emily Davies
  • Ruth Dennis
  • Brenda Marks
  • Terry Webb
  • Sue Faircloth
  • Jackie Staunton

Conduct of the show

New entries will not be accepted on the morning of the show.

The premises will be open on Friday 30th August from 5 pm till 6 pm and from 8am on Saturday 31st for the staging of exhibits.

Exhibits must be in place before 9.15 am on Saturday 31st August.  Judging will take place between 9.30 and 12.30. Exhibitors and the public may not be present except under special circumstances. 

The show will be open to the public at 2pm.

Prizes and trophies will be presented around 3.30pm.  The sale and raffle will follow.

Exhibits must be removed by 5 pm 31st August.

Unclaimed exhibits will be disposed of as the committee sees fit.

Any queries should be made to a committee member.


To avoid disqualification and disappointment PLEASE read ALL the rules carefully and ensure each item is displayed in the correct class showing your unique show number. This will be given to you on arrival. Do not display your name. Please make sure that each item is shown in its correct Class

Section A Fruit & Vegetables

Class 1 Potatoes x 5 white or coloured

          2 Carrots x 3

          3 Beetroot x 3

          4 Cabbage x 1

          5 Runner beans x 6

          6 Dwarf beans x 6

          7 Leeks for the table x 3

          8 Marrow x 1

          9 Courgettes x 2

        10 Squash x 1

        11 Onions red or white for the table x 4

        12 Shallots x 8

        13 Sweet corn heads x 2

        14 A truss of tomatoes

        15 Tomatoes x 6 any variety not mixed

        16 Tomatoes x 6 cherry

        17 Cucumber X 1

        18 Green peppers x 2

        19 Chillies X 5

        20 A head of lettuce any variety

        21 A basket of 6 different vegetables

        22 Any other vegetable

        23 Collection of herbs attractively displayed

        24 Apples cooking with stalks x 3

        25 Apples eating with stalks x 3

        26 Plums with stalks x 3

        27 Pears with stalks x 3

        28 Any other fruit

        29 Eggs x 3 attractively displayed from your own hens

       30 Classes for fun only

             A Longest marrow                                      D Heaviest potato

             B Most misshapen vegetable                   E Heaviest tomato

             C Longest runner bean                              F Longest stem of rhubarb

Section B Flowers & Plants

Class 31  Roses floribunda 3 sprays same or mixed

          32  Roses hybrid tea 3 of same variety

          33 Rose with the best perfume

          34 Container of established plants 24 x 24 in (60 x 60 cm) maximum

          35  Dahlias 3 mixed varieties

          36 Collection of annuals

          37 Collection of perennials

          38 Flowering tree or shrub 3 stems (same or mixed varieties)

          39 Decorative perennial leaves x 3 any variety

          40  Flowering pot plant

          41  Flowering orchid

          42  Foliage pot plant

          43  Cactus or succulent

          44 Hanging basket

          45 Salvia 6 stems (same or mixed varieties)

          46  3 Flower heads floating in water

          47  Geranium in a pot

Section C Flower arranging

Class 48 The King’s “Coronation” up to 24 x 24 in (60 x 60 cm) maximum

          49 “A grassy bank” up to 18 x 18 in (45 x 45 cm) maximum

          50  A bridesmaid’s headdress

          51  Miniature arrangement in a (200g) tin can – keep label on please

          52  Arrangement of nuts, seeds & berries up to 18 x 18 in (45 x 45 cm) maximum

          53  Arrangement of flowers in a milk jug

          54 “A sunny day” up to 18 x 18 in (45 x 45 cm) maximum

          55  A fascinator using dried or artificial flowers

Section D Kitchen produce

Class 56 Stone fruit jam

          57 Soft fruit jam

          58 Jar of orange curd please use given recipe

          59 Marmalade

          60  Chutney at least 6 months old

          61 Bread rolls x 4

          62 Vegetarian quiche

          63  Cheese scones x 4

          64  Sausage rolls x 6

          65 Your favourite cake (labelled)

          66 Tea loaf please use given recipe

          67  Chocolate tray bake please leave whole

          68  Ginger cake please use given recipe

          69  Victoria sandwich with jam filling

          70 Anzac biscuits please use given recipe

          71  Coconut kisses x 6

          72  Meringues 6 individual not filled

Section E Craft

Class  73 Knitted article

           74 Sewn garment

           75  Crocheted article

           76  A length of bunting saying hello

           77  An embroidered item

           78  A piece of jewellery  any material

           79 “New from old” a photograph of the original item also required

           80  A hot water bottle cover any material

           81  A cross stitch item

           82 A pram blanket any material

           83  Any other craft by a woman

           84  Any other craft by a man

           85  A Congratulations card

           86  An item of macrame

           87 An item made from wood

           88 An item made from plastic canvas

           89 Paper flowers x 6

Section F Pictures

Class  90  Coloured photograph subject “Wild Flowers” mounted not framed

           91  Coloured photograph subject “Sport” mounted not framed

           92  B/W photograph of a still life taken indoors mounted not framed

           93 Collage of photographs, mounted on an A4 card subject “Food”

All paintings and drawings up to 12 x 12in (60 x 60cm) maximum overall framed or unframed.

           94  Painting displaying mixed media subject “Contrast””

           95  Painting subject “Landscape”

           96 Drawing  subject “Flowers”

Section G Team Class any three people

Class  97 Carnival time”. 3 handmade items, craft, cookery and flowers. 24 x 24in (60 x 60cm) maximum overall

Section H WI only classes

Class 98 A card for The King’s Coronation

          99 The King’s Coronation  cake 8in (20 cm) diameter

          100 A flower arrangement for King’s Coronation 8 x 8 in (20 x 20 cm)

Section I Children’s class

Class 101 Any fruit, vegetable or flower you have grown

          102 Decorate a gingerbread man, can be bought.

          103 Picture of a Cartoon Character

          104 Nasturtium plant (please apply to a committee member for seeds beforehand)

Recipe for Orange Curd Class 58

225g (8oz) butter cut into small pieces

680g (1 ½ lb) caster sugar

Grated rind and juice of 6 oranges

8 eggs

Put all ingredients in the top of a double saucepan (or in a heatproof bowl) placed over simmering water.  Heat gently, stirring or whisking frequently until the mixture thickens – about 30-40 minutes.  Pour into clear unbranded jars when cool.  Seal with a wax circle and cellophane top.

Make a few days before the show and store in the refrigerator.  Makes about 3lb.

Recipe for Tea Loaf  Class 66

230 ml (8 fl oz)) cold black tea

225g (8oz) mixed dried fruit

115g 4oz) brown or white sugar

1 large beaten egg

225g (8oz) SR flour + 1 tsp (5ml) mixed spice

Soak fruit in tea overnight.

Preheat oven 360F / 180C / Gas 4. Adjust for fan oven.

Oil and line a 2 lb loaf tin. Do not use loaf tin liners

Put sugar, soaked fruit and liquid in a bowl and add beaten egg, mix well.

Sieve flour and spice into mixture and mix.

Bake in a loaf tine for about 45 – 50 minutes. Test with a needle to make sure it is cooked.  Leave to cool in the tin.

Leave whole.

Recipe for Sticky stem ginger cake with lemon icing Class 68

225g (8oz) self-raising flour                                                     1 tsp (5ml) bicarbonate of soda

115g  (4oz) cubed butter                                                         1 tbsp (15ml) ground ginger

115g (4oz) dark muscovado sugar                                         1 tsp (5ml) cinnamon

115g (4oz) black treacle                                                           1 tsp (5ml) ground mixed spice

115g (4oz)golden syrup                                 

250ml (9 fl oz)whole milk                                                          Topping

85g (3oz) drained stem ginger finely chopped                         50g (2oz) icing sugar                      

1 egg                                                                                                1 tsp (5ml) finely grated lemon zest

                                                                                                          1 tbsp (15ml) lemon juice        

Preheat oven to 360F / 180C / gas 4. Adjust for fan oven.

Lightly and grease a 2lb loaf tin.  Line with greaseproof paper. Do not use loaf tin liners

Rub together the flour, bicarb, spices and butter until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Melt together gently the sugar, treacle, syrup, and milk in a saucepan until the sugar has dissolved.

Heat until just below boiling point, leave to cool.

Add stem ginger and sugar mixture to flour while stirring. Add egg. The mixture should resemble a thick pancake batter.

Pour into prepared tin and bake for around 45 minutes.  Test with a needle to make sure it is cooked. 

Leave to cool in the tin. Leave whole. Can freeze ahead of time.

Mix together icing, zest and enough juice to make a smooth runny icing. Drizzle over the cake.

Recipe for Anzac Biscuits class 70

85g (3oz) porridge oats                                                      1 tbsp (15ml) golden syrup

100g (3.5oz) butter + extra for greasing                          1 tsp (5ml) bicarbonate of soda

85g (3oz) dessicated coconut

100g (3.5oz) plain flour

100g (3.5oz) caster sugar

Preheat oven to 320F / 160C / Gas 3. Adjust for fan oven

Mix together oats, coconut, flour and sugar.  Melt butter and syrup together. Add bicarb to 2 tbsp boiling water, mix then add  to syrup mixture and stir well.  Add this to the dry ingredients, stir gently.

Put dessert spoonfuls of mixture onto buttered baking tray leaving room to spread.

Bake for 8-10 minutes until golden, transfer to a wire rack to cool

 Hints & Tips

Section A Fruit & Vegetables

All fruit and vegetables judged by the Royal Horticultural Society Show handbook.

Root vegetables to be washed.

All vegetables to be fresh and blemish free, not overgrown or coarse.

Tomatoes and fruit should have calyces or stalks intact, clean but not polished.

Extra marks awarded for the difficulty in growing.

Section B & C Flowers

Plants and flowers judged by the Royal Horticultural Society Show handbook.

All plants to have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least 4 months.

Flower arranging containers are not supplied but water is available.

All arrangement must be within the maximum size stated.

Section D Kitchen produce

Kitchen produce judged by the Women’s Institute On With The Show handbook.

All food to be homemade.

All cooking must be on a plate and covered with clingfilm.

Preserves must be in unbranded, clear jars clearly labelled with contents and full date of making.

Preserves must be sealed hot with new twist top lids.

Section E Craft

Craft items judged by the Women’s Institute On With The Show handbook.

Section F Pictures

Photographs must be mounted and not exceed 12 x 12in (30 x 30cm) overall.

Artwork to be unframed and not exceed 12 x 16in (30 x 40cm)

Section I Children’s classes

Two age groups: up to 8 years old and 9 to 14 years of age.  Please state the exhibitors age on entry form.

All classes

To avoid disqualification and disappointment please read all the rules and display item in the correct class showing your unique show number and not your name.

Definitions & Guides

CONDITION: means cleanliness, freshness, tenderness and freedom from coarseness or blemish.

SIZE: means anything not so overgrown as to be coarse or faulty or anything not too small to be useful.

UNIFORMITY: means alike in size, form or shape, and colour.

CRAFTS: a fresh recently made item will attract far better marks than an old or used item.

CLASSES: It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensue that the exhibits are placed in the correct class. When in doubt ask a steward.

Failure to adhere to any specifications given in the schedule will disqualify the entry.