Parish Development and Neighbourhood Plan

During 2022 the Parish Council will formulate a plan for how we can co-develop our parish and make it more safe, pleasant and engaging than before. We, as Parish Councillors, would like to know what you would like done and any suggestions will be considered as part of the plan’s creation.

If you would like to know more about the thinking behind the proposed Neighbourhood Plan, click on this link

So, if there is a suggestion, idea or project you would like us to consider, please do not hesitate to contact the

Suggestion from previous years



Play area. I still think this needs to be on the cards. We remain one of only a handful of parishes without any equipment Parish Council
Parish Noticeboard at top end of village Parish Council aiming to locate one on the grass area opposite the Red Lion
Dog Bins Parish Council
Reprint of Village History Parish Council
Welcome pack for new residents Parish Council
More bulb/tree planting, I think the daffodils last year were really lovely Parish Council Budgeted for
Geo cache trails. There are currently a couple or these which are excellent but relatively unknown in the village. The PC could sponsor someone to do them. Parish Council
Fitness facilities Parish Council
I would like to see some environmental projects such as solar panels on the VH roof or a community wind farm (have a look at the Gamlingay one which has a very good website) Village Hall Committee and Parish Council
We have such a wonderful village hall, but it seems to only get used rarely! I know you offer coffee mornings, indoor bowls, occasional ‘get togethers’, however I do feel it would be great if you could consider fitness classes, dance classes, a craft to learn, yoga, pilates. Preferably evenings as most people work full time. Something thats active and isn’t just for the senior residents of Kirtling as I do feel thats the only people who are ever consider in Kirtling/Upend. Kirtling/Upend doesn’t appear to have the most ‘Comminity’ spirted residents, we are all very polite and ‘nod’ Good Morning, Good afternoon……..But I know nothing about my fellow Villagers 🙁 Village Hall Committee
Provide Broadband in the Village Hall Village Hall Committee
Hedge Cutting – some of the footpaths are overgrown and difficult to use. Contractors need to clear up after hedge cutting to avoid punctures County Council The PC will actively seek to report maintainence needs to the CC
Maintainence of pavements – some of the pavement are a very degraded state County Council The PC will actively seek to report maintainence needs to the CC
Gritting of the road through Upend in the winter. My husband and I have just moved to Upend from Stetchworth. We knew before we moved in that the road was not gritted in winter, but as we both work full time (my husband in Cambridge, usually cycling there, and me in Kentford) it would be very nice to have the roads around us gritted. Thanks. County Council The PC will actively seek to report maintainence needs to the CC
Superfast Broadband for Upend County Council
Address water running onto the road opposite Parsonage Farm County Council
Beware of horse signs at the start and end of the village County Council The parish council felt that horse signs were not necessary as insufficient number of horses