Karen Levell Part 2


The reason I chose to do a history project on Kirtling was because I wanted to find something out about my local surroundings.

Here are some questions I am trying to answer in my project:

  • How did Kirtling get its name and how has it changed?
  • Why was a settlement built on the present site?
  • How old are the churches and chapel?
  • How old is the shop?
  • How old in the Towers?


Kirtling is a little village about 5 miles south east of Newmarket. Kirtling was most probably called Kirtling because Kirtling is a ridge and Kirtling developed from “Cyrtla’s” ridge. Here are some examples of how Kirtling has changed:

Curtalinga and Quetelinge: 1086

Chertelinges: 1166

Kyrtelinges: 1436

Catlidg: 1594

Cateledge: 1616

Catlage: 1808

The population of the village in 1801 was 438; by 1831 it had risen to 735; in 1841 it was 803; by 1861 it was 820 and in 1931 it had dropped to 510.

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