Who is on the Parish Council


Name Responsibility Notice Boards Phone Email Address Register of Interest Forms
John Kiteley  Chair Village Hall / opp. Red Lion 01638 730 549 john.kiteley@kirtlingandupend.org 195 The Street, Kirtling, CB8 9PD Please click here
Sandra Dwan Clerk     clerk@kirtlingandupend.org    
John Dennis      


Max Campbell       max.campbell@kirtlingandupend.org Malting End Cottage, Malting End, Kirtling CB8 9HH Please click here
Richard Staunton Website     richard.staunton@kirtlingandupend.org 164 The Street, Kirtling, CB8 9PD  
Sam Horncastle      


Rick Rickcord Upend Upend 01638 730 154 rick.rickcord@kirtlingandupend.org Old North Arms, Upend, Nr. Kirtling, CB8 9PH Please click here

Notice of Vacancy 2022