Drone Activity

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Hi Parish,

There have recently been reports of drone sightings over properties in Kirtling & Upend.

The Parish Council would like to draw your attention to the Government Guidelines for flying drones within the UK to ensure residents privacy is not encroached upon.

•    The Operator is legally responsible for every flight and must be able to fly safely and within the law. They must also have registered with the CAA to operate a drone if it weighs more than 250g.

•    The drone MUST BE within sight of the Operator AT ALL TIMES and not  above 400 ft.

•    Drone must not be flown over congested areas, NEVER fly within 50 mtrs of a person, vehicle or building not under the Operators control.

•    Any images obtained must not break privacy laws.

Anyone using a drone for commercial purposes must  have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. Perhaps anyone with CAA permission could make it known to the Parish Council to enable us to rule out any unauthorised drone activity.

The Parish Council would kindly request that anyone who flies a drone, adheres to these guidelines at all times.

Many Thanks
Kirtling & Upend Parish Council
Further guidelines can be obtained from www.gov.uk