A thank you from Lucy Frazer

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Over the summer it has been great to meet with a large number of residents through open meetings arranged by the parish council.  It was a pleasure to meet with some of the parish councillors and residents of Kirtling in July.  It was lovely to receive such a warm welcome and to talk to people about a number of issues that concerned them.

There were a number of residents who unfortunately could not attend, but I am happy for anyone to raise any issues they have with me at any time. I was pleased to get the opportunity to meet with a number of residents and take on board their concerns about local and national issues.

It is important to me that I continue to speak to as many people as possible and that I am aware of the issues affecting people across the constituency. I am grateful to the parish council for giving me the opportunity to do so in Kirtling. I will be in touch with those of you who raised specific concerns with me. As ever, I am happy for you to get in touch at any time on any issue and I hope I get to speak with many of you again soon.