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The Parish Council are pleased to provide an email News Service which will enable us to update you more effectively and quickly with news and events in the parish. By joining you will be able to find out what’s going on and if you wish, contribute any news and views you may have that others might find interesting.

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Please select the newsletters you want to sign up to:

  • Parish News
    News relevant to the parish. This could include parish council notices, agendas and minutes.

  • Clubs, Activities and Events
    News and event announcements.

  • Local Business Offers
    Information and offers from businesses and business owners who are within the parish. From time to time, this may be used for announcements for businesses outside of the parish at the discretion of the Parish Council.

  • Heating Oil Syndicate
    Receive notifications when the oil syndicate is placing a group order which, if you decide to order your oil through the syndicate, will enable you to achieve a lower price per litre of burning oil.
  • Residents Group
    Mailing list for the resident's group/association


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Why do I need to enter my address details?

We need your address so that we can see which households have access to email news. For those people who do not, we will endeavour to deliver paper flyers from time to time as we currently do.

Will my details be shared with anyone else?

Definitely not. Only the Parish Council will have access to your email address(es) solely for the purpose of sending out updates. We will not share your details with any 3rd party.

Who do I contact if I want to send a message through the email news service?

Please contact any Parish Councillor or the Parish Clerk  (email ) who can then arrange for your message to be sent.

We hope you will welcome this new service provided by the Parish Council and be active in contributing your own news and views.