Heating Oil Syndicate

An order for heating oil is placed on the first Monday of the month from October to April and July for delivery normally within the following 7 – 10 days. The minimum order is 500 litres. The order is placed by Mandy Bassett who lives in Woodditton; she amalgamates the order for Kirtling and Woodditton and obtains the best price possible. There is an element of trust involved as on obtaining the best price she places the order, so it is not possible for each individual to know the price in advance. As a result of this system a different retailer might make the delivery each month. They have different systems – some ring in advance and ask for credit/debit card details and others leave an invoice which should be paid within three days to take advantage of the price quoted. If you would like to take part in the scheme or discuss it further, email Tricia Lewis on plewis376@btinternet.com