Defibrillator in the Kirtling and Upend Phoneboxes

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Hi Parish,

BT have decommissioned the phonebox in Kirtling and are in the process of decommissioning the one in Upend. Both phoneboxes will then be owned and maintained by the Parish Council. The Parish Council are pleased to announce that both phoneboxes will have a defibrillator installed. The Kirtling Phonebox Defibrillator is now installed and the Upend one will be installed shortly after 10th May when the hand-over from BT is scheduled to be completed. The defibrillators were provided free of charge from The British Heart Foundation.

The defibrillator will instruct you how to use it as you open it. You cannot hurt a person if you employ it. Its job is not to restart the heart but simply to deliver a shock which will allow the heart to regain its normal rhythm. Do not be afraid to use it. Its simplicity itself. BUT call the ambulance first to alert them to the site of the casualty. Please note the phoneboxes will NOT contain a phone.


Kirtling and Upend Parish Council